About Us

Story of our Company

Pink Noise MGMT is a bookkeeping and business management firm that assists music industry professionals take control of their finances and grow healthy businesses.

With over 10 years of Music Industry knowledge, we strive to educate and empower you to  to understand and take control of your finances.

We are fluent in music industry specific expenses and income streams. We have you covered.

We offer full business management services to maintain your business throughout the year. We send monthly reports and snapshots of your business in a way you can understand. And if you don’t, we’ll teach you!

We can help setup your business correctly so tax filing is easy! We assist with the formation of sole proprietorships, Limited Liability Companies, and Corporations.
If you prefer the more DIY approach, we can help get you setup, and can offer training along the way!

We can help with your subcontractor payouts, year-end 1099 filing, and payroll services.


Khloe Churko

Khloe Churko is a music industry professional and fervent business manager who shares an incredible passion for the art of creating music. Born in Vancouver, Canada, she always had a great inclination towards the niche of music and learned the tricks and traits of music management from her father Kevin Churko.

 Khloe has served the music community for over 10 years and serves with an aim to nurture and cultivate the growth of the globalized music industry. She is a Berklee Alumni with a bachelors degree in Music Business. She officially manages rock producer Kevin Churko. She has worked with renowned bands such as Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed, Papa Roach, In This Moment, Skillet, Backstreet Boys, Lil Wayne, and many more. Khloe has acquired a great deal of acclamation and recognition for her work and has been awarded several RIAA certified Gold and Platinum Plaques. She contributed to the expansion and growth of The Hideout Recording Studio which has transitioned into one of the leading internationally recognized commercial recording studios. She now holds the position as the Chief Financial Officer and maintains all the business affairs.

After years of business management, she launched Pink Noise MGMT. With a passion for business management and bookkeeping, she zeroed the firm in to focus on music industry professionals. Pink Noise MGMT provides Catalog Audits, Tour Reconciliations, general flat-rate monthly bookkeeping, and of course full business management services. With a draw towards education, she hopes to educate independent artists on maintaining their own finances so they can be fully aware of their brand and business. She thrives on transparency and has quickly grown her client list.

Junior Account Manager

Brianna Valadez

Brianna is a highly skilled financial professional with over 8 years of experience in the industry. She began her career as a personal financial assistant in the banking sector, where she honed her skills in managing client finances and providing expert advice and guidance. With 8 years of experience in this role, Brianna has a deep understanding of the financial needs of individuals and a commitment to helping them achieve their financial goals.
In addition to her work in banking, Brianna has 7 years of experience in cash auditing, giving her a thorough understanding of financial systems and processes.
Brianna holds an Associates of Business Degree, which provides her with a solid foundation in business and financial management. She is well-equipped to work with a wide range of clients, and has found a true passion in assisting others with their finances. With her dedication, expertise, and attention to detail, Brianna is a valuable member of the Pink Noise MGMT team.
In her free time, Bri enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones, including movie nights with her daughter and spending time with friends and family. She also has a passion for photography and capturing life’s special moments. When she’s not behind the lens, Brianna stays active by working out, which helps her to stay physically and mentally fit. And last but not least, she is a big fan of cats and loves spending time with her furry friends.